At Ditech, we provide a superior level of service to each and every client. Don't take our word for it - here's what our clients say:

“I wanted to send you a quick email to convey how impressed my team & I were with the work Kate our Account Executive and Nancy, our Account Manager did on our loan closing this past week. We had several AMC/ Appraisal revisions and it could have been very stressful for all parties, but Kate & Nancy did amazing with timely replies and great communication throughout the process! I seriously couldn’t have been more pleased and wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to you and the team.  It puts GREAT confidence with us, in wanting to send more loans your way, knowing DITECH has such amazing customer service! Thanks for your time."  Ryan from St. Cloud, MN

"I would like to thank everyone  involved in this transaction. Your  time, Input, patience and attention to this loan file is greatly appreciated. It’s always a pleasure to see a smile on the borrowers face. You all ROCK! Thank you, Michele" - Michele from Chula Vista, CA.

"I wanted to let you know how good this Ditech crew has been doing,

I never thought I would have a GO TO lender as I was always concerned with pricing, and getting the best price for the client,  but you guys have convinced me it’s about relationship.  It also helps that your pricing is on par with the rest of the guys,  and in most cases better!

Over the last year or so it has been my pleasure to work with you.

My AE Jim M,   I drive this guy crazy with my calls, scenarios and support.  He always helps me look at things the way I should look at them,  always quick to get an answer if he does not know it , but I hardly ever stump him. Great communicator, he is the best Rep I have ever had.   He understands my thin skin and helps me to not implode over every condition that I don't like,. Just helps me explain how to get from point a to point b.

Kate T;  She is amazing, she is always on point with exactly what is needed to close a loan.  She is clear and concise and tells us exactly what we need to be successful.  Great at responding and helps the whole process go super smooth.

The underwriters, Susan C, Tina GB, Kay W, Lawrence H, Brenda T, Amanda in Arizona and the managers have all been amazing.  They have done so much to help us close loans.  Helping with DU findings and finding ways to structure loans to make them work.  I had 3 deals I was ready to toss in the towel , and Tina and Susan kept finding ways to make them work.   They put up with my annoying phone calls and help save the day way more often than not. I am way too hard on them and I Apologize. They truly do whatever it takes to make deals work and help loan officers close deals. Thanks to all of you !!!!” - Anthony L. from Sterling Heights, MI.


"I have been meaning to email you and let you know that one of the primary reasons I continue to use Ditech is that your underwriters are some of the best I have ever dealt with. Specifically, I have dealt with Janet on a few loans and each time, I am completely impressed with her common sense and "let's try and make the loan work" approach.


Beyond that, she lets me know if I am doing something wrong in a way that is not offensive. For example, she just took the time to email and let me know that I don't need to keep on uploading a revised insurance binder to underwriting when it is an operations condition. It's a simple thing, and while I usually check, I thought the insurance was also an underwriting item. In any event, if you get a chance, please let the higher ups know that she is doing an excellent job. Thanks and have a nice weekend." - Roger W. from Needham, MA.


"Thank you to you and your whole team over at Ditech.  Your commitment to us and our clients is always appreciated.  We can’t thank you enough” - Dave M. from Rocklin, CA.


"Thanks SO MUCH TEAM!  EVERYONE did an absolute amazing job on a difficult transaction.  I was just blown away with all the help and the sincere interest to get it done. Borrower is VERY excited! - Eric S.  from San Diego, CA.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much.  It’s always a please working with such helpful Underwriters" - Dave M. from Rocklin, CA.

"Thanks a lot for all the team best work." - Mohammad N.  from Fremont, CA.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much.  It’s always a please working with such helpful Underwriters" - Dave M. from Rocklin, CA.


"Wow that wasn’t easy, thanks for you your help especially the open communication. It’s so critical in this business especially when  everyone is trying to schedule time off from work for the closing, moving arrangements etc. I also appreciate your willingness to try and work with us in resolving issues that come up as they always do. It’s the main reason why Ditech has become our go to lender. Hopefully we can do a lot more deals together." - Ed B. from Plymouth, MA.


"Thanks Amy! You all have been an absolute DREAM to work with... from Eric to all staff!  Never used Ditech before yet you guys are GREAT!" - Eric S. from San Diego, CA.


"Good morning everyone, I just wanted you to all know that my borrower wept at the closing and still couldn’t believe it was really happening.  Thank you all for your hard work and support getting this loan to closing.  I truly appreciate your understanding in a difficult situation.” - Rhonda S. from Fall River, MA.


"I know you are probably only hearing complaints and/or whining about things that don’t go broker’s way; this isn’t one of those emails I just wanted to take a minute and tell you Christy V. was so very helpful and friendly when I needed it.  Of course yet another realtor needed to jam in a closing for this Friday and I still needed the CTC in order to do the request for settlement.  I had uploaded the last condition to be cleared yesterday morning, I know there is a 48 hour window underwriters can stick to but she took that minute to help me by going in to clear the condition, not everyone will do something like that for a broker. I also know that Kate T. was instrumental in my CTC  because last minute Ops items needed to be cleared.  These 2 ladies went above what is expected of them just to help me out….I just thought you should know that I do appreciate what they did for me." - Debbie C. from CA.


"I want to personally thank you for all the support and collaboration to get this loan to closing. I know it was challenging but at the end of the day hard work always pays off. Great team work guys!" - Linda C. from Coral Springs, FL.


"SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PUMPED!!! This was one of the best loans I have done in a while!!!  You guys have been SOOO great.. Also... the borrower is such a GREAT lady! You all made it happen.. amazing UW and staff at DITECH!" - Eric S. from San Diego, CA.


"I just want you to know that Tracy M. is the most AMAZING underwriter I have ever worked with. She is very accessible and jumps on things super quickly! I have had a lot of different underwriters via several different investors and every time I see her name I get so excited and breathe a sigh of relief because I know it is going to be a smooth process. She really takes her time to explain exactly what she needs and never comes across aggravated if I don’t understand and have to ask a million and one questions. I just really would like for her to be recognized because she is a very rare GEM. If it were at all possible I would love for her to be the only person my loans went to. I am stingy and do not want to share her. 

Please let her manager know that she is a really hard worker and never lets things sit, that is so important because people are depending on all of us to help them obtain their dream. Thank you!" - Mandy C. from Delhi, LA.

"I officially LOVE ditech... this is the smoothest closing request ever! Thanks everyone for all your assistance." - Robin W. from Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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